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Deer Fencing Near San Mateo, CA

Have you noticed deer damaging your garden or landscaping? Deer can wreak havoc on gardens and yards by eating plants, trampling lawns, and destroying hard work and investments.

Installing a deer fence around your property is the most effective way to keep deer out of areas you want to protect.

Our team has 15 years of experience installing customized deer fencing for homes and businesses in San Mateo, CA and surrounding areas.

We use high-quality materials and experienced installation techniques to create an effective barrier that is long-lasting and blends into your landscape.

A properly installed deer fence can save you time, money and frustration while preserving the aesthetic of your outdoor space.

Unlike regular fencing which deer can easily jump over or crawl under, our deer fences are specially designed with height extensions and digging barriers.

We do site visits to analyze deer trails and entry points, so we can customize the fence placement and materials for maximum effectiveness. Our experts also follow all HOA regulations to ensure the fence fits within community guidelines.

With an exquisite deer fence from Fencing San Mateo, you can finally enjoy your landscaping and garden without constant destruction.

Contact us today for a free estimate on a customized deer fence that will keep deer securely out of your yard.

Process We Follow for Deer Fencing

Installing an effective deer fence takes skill and planning. Here is our proven process for custom deer fence installation:

Initial Consultation

The process starts when our deer fencing experts meet you at your property for a consultation. We’ll walk the area with you to understand your deer issues and goals for the fence. We’ll inspect deer trails and entry points and discuss optimal fence placement. We also consider aesthetics and any HOA requirements for materials and placement. You’ll also select options such as:

  • Fence height – Typically 6-8 feet for deer. We can add extension arms to make the fence taller.
  • Digging barrier – Prevents deer from crawling under.
  • Access gates – For people to enter/exit. We ensure proper latching mechanisms.
  • Materials – Metal, wood, PVC. All are long-lasting and deer-resistant.

After assessing your unique needs, we provide a detailed quote for materials, labor, and installation.

Pre-Installation Preparation

Before the installation, we take measurements and order customized fencing materials. We may need to clear bushes or small trees from the installation area. For digging barriers, we trench the fence line area using minimal disturbance techniques. Proper site preparation is key to a smooth installation.

Fence Installation Process

Our professional team arrives on your installation day with all the necessary equipment and materials. We lay out the fence design and installed the posts securely into the ground with concrete. For digging barriers, we line the bottom with mesh fencing before backfilling the trenches.

We securely attach the deer fencing to the entire perimeter, using quality fasteners that won’t rust or degrade over time. We ensure proper tensioning to keep the fence secure and upright. If we elect to install gates, we position and attach them properly onto the structure.

Throughout the process, we minimize disruption to your yard. We leave the property neat and tidy, and you have a customized fence ready to turn deer away.

Follow Up

Although our fences are built to last 20+ years, we want you to be 100% satisfied. Contact us with any questions or if any maintenance needs arise, and we’ll promptly assist. We also offer fence removal when the time comes to replace or upgrade.

With our detailed process and deer fence experts, you can be confident your new fence will keep deer out of your yard effectively. The fence will blend into your landscape for years of hassle-free protection.

Cost of Deer Fencing in San Mateo, CA

The cost of a deer fence depends on factors like:

  • Fence size – The number of linear feet to enclose the area.
  • Material type – Wood, PVC or metal. Metal is most durable and long-lasting.
  • Fence height – Taller heights deter deer more effectively.
  • Digging barrier – Prevents deer from crawling under and costs extra.
  • Access gates – Custom walk gates cost more than simple drive gates.

For most homes, our deer fences range from $15 – $30 per linear foot installed. This covers high quality materials and professional installation. Exact pricing depends on your custom options and project size. Gates, digging barriers and taller heights add cost.

We provide free estimates, so you know exactly what to expect for your unique deer fencing needs. There are no surprise fees or charges. Workmanship is 100% guaranteed as well.

Investing in a professionally installed, custom deer fence pays dividends by protecting your landscaping for years. Contact us today to start enjoying a deer-free yard!

Great Reasons to Choose Us


With over a decade of experience, our team has the expertise to handle any fencing challenge with ease.


We create customized fences designed specifically for your unique property and needs.

Quality Materials

We source only the highest quality fencing materials to construct durable and long-lasting fences.

Professional Installation

Our experienced installers follow industry best practices to build secure, level, and aesthetically pleasing fences.

Customer Satisfaction

We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction and will not rest until you are thrilled with your new fence.


Our competitive pricing and financing options make quality fencing attainable within different budgets.

FAQs About Deer Fencing in San Mateo, CA

How tall should a deer fence be?

For most properties, we recommend a fence height of 6-8 feet. Deer can easily clear shorter heights. The taller the better, but height extensions can be added if regular jumping persists.

What’s the best material for deer fencing?

We recommend welded wire metal fencing. It has smaller grid size holes and is more difficult for deer to push through or get footholds. Metal also has 20+ year durability. Wood and PVC are other good options too.

Do deer fences need a digging barrier?

Digging barriers prevent deer from crawling underneath. They’re recommended if deer are persistent, or you have fawns around. Dig barriers add cost but ensure deer stay out of the enclosed area.

How often will gates need adjusting?

During install, we properly tension gates and ensure smooth latching. With quality hardware, gates typically need minimal maintenance. We’re happy to provide gate adjustments or maintenance as needed.

Will a deer fence obstruct views?

Deer fencing can impact views which is why customized placement is so important. We use minimal framing and quality materials that blend into landscapes. Strategic placement also helps maintain visibility.

How long does installation take?

Most professional deer fence installations take 1-3 days depending on the size. We schedule installs efficiently with minimal property disturbance. Proper planning prevents delays and ensures a smooth process.

How disruptive is the installation process?

Our team takes great care to protect your property during installs. We use minimal digging techniques and take precautions around plants and landscaping. Some clearing/pruning may be necessary. We leave properties neat and tidy.

How can I maximize fence lifespan?

Regular maintenance like checking tension and clearing vegetative overgrowth is helpful. Avoid shoveling snow up against the fence. Contact us at any sign of damage or degradation so we can make repairs.

Are deer fences safe for pets?

Absolutely. Our fences are designed to keep deer out while allowing entry of people and pets. We leave adequate clearance under the fence or install pet doors. There are no sharp edges or points.

Do you offer other fencing services?

Yes, our licensed and insured team has 15 years experience with all types of residential and commercial fencing. This includes privacy, boundary, pool and pet fencing. Please contact us for any of your fencing needs!


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