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Barbed Wire Fencing Near San Mateo, CA

When it comes to securing your property and keeping trespassers out in San Mateo, barbed wire fencing is one of the most effective solutions.

Not only is a barbed wire fence a strong physical and psychological deterrent, it also provides clear boundaries around your land while allowing you to still enjoy scenic views.

At Fencing San Mateo, our professional installers have over a decade of experience with all kinds of fencing projects including barbed wire. We use only the highest quality commercial grade materials and back our work with an industry-leading warranty.

From small residential yards to large ranches and commercial properties, we can custom design and install the perfect barbed wire fence for your unique needs and budget.

Unlike a basic chain link or wood privacy fence, our barbed wire fences are extremely rugged and able to withstand the elements year after year. The sharp, closely spaced barbs discourage climbing and cut through attempts at wire cutting.

We strategically use multiple strands at different heights for maximum security. Gates, posts and wire strands are also secured to prevent tampering. With options like a top guard of razor ribbon, you can increase protection against trespassing and crime.

When you choose our experienced team, you can count on a fence that meets all building codes and zoning laws. We handle the entire process including permits so you can have peace of mind that your new barbed wire fence will stand the test of time. Contact us today for a free quote!

Process We Follow for Barbed Wire Fencing

Installing a high quality barbed wire fence requires careful planning, expert installation techniques and the right materials. Here is an overview of our barbed wire fencing process:

Site Evaluation and Planning

  • We schedule a site visit to your property to evaluate terrain, measure boundaries and identify any restrictions or considerations. This allows us to determine the optimal fence design, material needs and project timeline for your unique space.
  • Our team advises you on height, barb spacing, wire gauge options and placement that will provide maximum security and durability. We can also suggest additions like top guard razor wire if needed.
  • Working together, we finalize a detailed project plan covering the exact barbed wire fencing specifications, total linear footage, gates, corner posts, and other accessories.

Securing Permits

  • We handle contacting the city to secure all required permits and ensure your new fence complies with building codes. This saves you time and hassle.

Material Procurement

  • Once we have the fence plan finalized, our team orders all the necessary barbed wire, posts, gates, hardware and additional accessories. We only use commercial grade steel posts and the highest quality galvanized wire.
  • All materials are carefully inspected upon delivery to verify correctness. We will never install subpar fencing supplies at your property.

Fence Site Preparation

  • On project day, our crew first removes any old fence or debris from the area. We take care to protect plants, trees and structures.
  • We lay out the fence design with stakes and string to double check measurements before installation. The site is then leveled and prepared as needed.

Post Hole Installation

  • We dig precise post holes using an auger, ensuring proper depth based on height of the planned barbed wire fence. Corner, end and gate posts are deeper for strength.
  • After aligning the posts, we pour concrete into each hole and allow it to set completely before moving on. This provides a sturdy base.

Fence Post and Wire Installation

  • With the fence posts firmly in place, we attach end, corner and pull posts using the appropriate braces, tension bands and fittings.
  • Now the galvanized wire strand installation begins. We carefully thread the barbed wire in specific spacing and patterns between the posts to achieve the planned security fencing.
  • Gates are also installed during this step with heavy duty hinges, latches and locks. We test their function and make any needed adjustments.

Final Inspection and Cleanup

  • Once the barbed wire fence installation is complete, we conduct a final walk-through to check workmanship and functionality. Any tweaks are made to ensure you’re 100% satisfied.
  • Finally, we clean the area, haul away any extra materials and provide you with care instructions. You’re all set to enjoy your new durable and secure barbed wire fence!

Cost of Barbed Wire Fencing in San Mateo, CA

The total cost of a barbed wire fence installation will depend on several factors unique to your property and desired fence specifications. Based on our experience, you can expect an average price range of:

  • $3 – $6 per linear foot for 3-5 strand barbed wire fence
  • $6 – $12 per linear foot for high security fences with razor wire
  • $500 – $2,000 for double entry gates
  • $300 – $1,000 per gate for single walk gates

Keep in mind that longer spans usually have a lower per linear foot price due to economy of scale. Complex terrain, dense vegetation and specialty gates can increase your overall project investment.

We provide customized quotes factoring in your specific fence line length, materials, accessories, permitting needs and other considerations. Schedule an on-site evaluation today to receive fair and accurate pricing.

Great Reasons to Choose Us


With over a decade of experience, our team has the expertise to handle any fencing challenge with ease.


We create customized fences designed specifically for your unique property and needs.

Quality Materials

We source only the highest quality fencing materials to construct durable and long-lasting fences.

Professional Installation

Our experienced installers follow industry best practices to build secure, level, and aesthetically pleasing fences.

Customer Satisfaction

We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction and will not rest until you are thrilled with your new fence.


Our competitive pricing and financing options make quality fencing attainable within different budgets.

FAQs About Barbed Wire Fencing in San Mateo, CA

What are the benefits of choosing barbed wire over other fence types?

The thick, sharp barbs of a barbed wire fence provide an extremely effective physical and psychological deterrent. Lower cost than other fencing also makes it a practical option for large properties.

Is barbed wire fencing allowed in my San Mateo neighborhood?

Certain HOAs prohibit or restrict barbed wire fencing due to the aggressive appearance. We advise checking your specific bylaws and zoning ordinances before installing.

How long does a barbed wire fence last?

With proper installation and maintenance, a galvanized steel barbed wire fence will typically last 15-25 years or more. Longevity depends on factors like gauge rating, environmental conditions and usage.

What kind of maintenance does a barbed wire fence require?

Occasional tightening of wire strands and application of rust resistant spray paint to posts preserves the integrity and security. Check for damage after major storms as well.

How far apart are the barbs spaced on the wire strands?

For maximum security, we generally space barbs every 4-5 inches. Wider spacing is better suited for animal control fencing.

Can I electrify my barbed wire fence for additional protection?

Yes, we can add electric fencing strands along a barbed wire fence if desired. This increases the deterrent factor but requires more maintenance.

How many strands of wire should my barbed wire fence have?

For perimeter security, we recommend installing at least 4-5 wire strands at different heights. More strands add difficulty for potential climbers or cutters.

What types of gates can I add to my barbed wire fence?

Single walk gates, double drive gates, and rolling cantilever gates are common options that provide access while matching the durable fence construction.

Will a barbed wire fence work for containing livestock on my property?

Yes, with modifications like wider barb spacing and electric strands, barbed wire can safely and effectively contain horses, cattle, sheep and other livestock.

How do I know if my barbed wire fencing meets San Mateo code requirements?

Our experienced installers stay up to date on the latest regulations and handle all permitting to ensure your new fence complies with San Mateo codes.


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