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Sound Barrier Fencing Near San Mateo, CA

Installing a sound barrier fence is one of the most effective ways to reduce noise pollution from nearby roads, highways, airports, and other sources.

As fencing experts serving San Mateo, CA and the surrounding areas for over 10 years, we understand the impact excessive noise can have on your quality of life.

That’s why we offer customized sound barrier fencing solutions to help block unwanted sounds and create a peaceful oasis in your outdoor living space.

Our sound barrier fences utilize state-of-the-art acoustic technology and superior construction to absorb noise vibrations and dampen sound transmission.

We use premium solid wood, masonry, vinyl, and composite fencing materials designed specifically for noise reduction.

Our experienced team will assess the decibel levels on your property and recommend the ideal fence height, density, and material composition to mitigate noise.

Most of our acoustic barriers reduce ambient sound by up to 50%, providing noticeable relief from traffic, construction, airport, train, and other noise pollution.

In addition to expert installation, we also provide attractive design options to seamlessly integrate a sound barrier fence into your landscape.

From stylish wooden privacy fences to decorative concrete and brick walls, our barriers blend into outdoor aesthetics for visual appeal.

We can also incorporate insulation, acoustical panels, vibration dampeners, and other sound-absorbing materials into the fence construction to maximize noise reduction.

Regardless of your unique noise concerns and property layout, our skilled fencing contractors can customize an acoustic barrier solution to restore peace and quiet to your outdoor living area.

Reduce bothersome noise from nearby sound sources and enjoy your yard again with our sound barrier fencing services.

Process We Follow for Sound Barrier Fencing

At our fencing company, we take a strategic approach to sound barrier fence installation that optimizes noise reduction. Here is an overview of our fence construction process:

Initial Site Evaluation

The first step is a thorough evaluation of your property to identify noise sources, measure ambient decibel levels, and assess existing landscape features. We’ll evaluate the terrain, vegetation, builds structures, and other site-specific factors that can impact the acoustic design.

Customized Fence Design

Next, we’ll develop a customized fence plan designed specifically to mitigate noise pollution on your property. We determine the optimal barrier height, density, materials, and configuration to effectively absorb and block sound. Our experts will select acoustic materials to reduce noise transmission through the fence barrier.

Pre-Installation Preparation

Before installing your sound barrier fence, we prepare the site by removing debris, grading terrain, delineating property lines, and completing any preliminary work. Proper site preparation helps ensure proper fence footing and stability.

Digging Post Holes and Setting Posts

We dig precise post holes, pour concrete footings, and set wooden, metal, or masonry posts at optimal depths and spacing. Proper post installation supports the fence framework against wind, weather, and sound vibrations.

Attaching Fence Panels

Next, we attach pre-constructed wooden, vinyl, or masonry fence panels securely to the post framework using robust brackets, rails, and hardware designed to withstand weather and noise disturbances. Panels are muted, insulated, or layered for enhanced sound absorption.

Accessory Installation

Any additional noise barriers like acoustic panels, noise insulation, sound dampening doors/gates, or vibration isolators are incorporated into the fence barrier. These features boost noise reduction.

Finishing Touches

Finally, we complete the sound barrier with decorative post caps, trim, or masonry copings. The finished barrier blends beautifully into your landscape while shielding your property from noise pollution.

Cleanup and Inspection

Our team cleans up the entire work site, hauls away debris, and performs a thorough inspection to ensure your new sound barrier fence meets our strict quality standards. We want you completely satisfied!

Our start-to-finish sound barrier installation process results in a beautifully designed, expertly installed acoustic fence that reduces noise from nearby roads, highways, airports, and other sources. Contact us today to get started on your custom sound barrier solution!

Cost of Sound Barrier Fencing in San Mateo, CA

Installing a properly constructed sound barrier fence is an investment that pays off in terms of restoring peace, privacy, and enjoyment to your outdoor living space. While costs vary based on site factors, the size of your property, and the specific acoustic materials used, you can expect to pay the following for sound barrier fencing:

  • Wood Privacy Fence – $25 to $45 per linear foot installed
  • Masonry Block Wall – $45 to $125 per linear foot installed
  • Pre-Fabricated Acoustic Fencing – $30 to $60 per linear foot installed
  • Custom Decorative Fence with Sound Dampening – $55 to $100+ per linear foot installed

Keep in mind that taller, denser fences absorb and block more noise, so 8-12 foot barriers cost more than lower 5-6 foot fences. Multi-layered barriers with air gaps, insulation, and sound-damping materials also increase cost but improve noise reduction. Unique site challenges like slopes and uneven terrain can also add expense.

While sound barriers require an investment, the noise reduction benefits and enhanced privacy quickly pay dividends in terms of quality of life. We offer competitive pricing and expert guidance to build a customized acoustic fence that meets both your noise abatement needs and budget. Contact us today for a free consultation and quote on sound barrier fencing!

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We create customized fences designed specifically for your unique property and needs.

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We source only the highest quality fencing materials to construct durable and long-lasting fences.

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Our experienced installers follow industry best practices to build secure, level, and aesthetically pleasing fences.

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We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction and will not rest until you are thrilled with your new fence.


Our competitive pricing and financing options make quality fencing attainable within different budgets.

FAQs About Sound Barrier Fencing in San Mateo, CA

How much noise will a sound barrier fence reduce?

Properly designed and installed sound barrier fences can reduce ambient noise by up to 50%. The exact amount depends on the fence height, density, materials, and site conditions.

How high should a sound barrier fence be?

For most road/traffic noise, an 8-12 foot tall sound barrier fence is ideal. Airport noise may require a 12-16 foot barrier. Our experts will assess your noise levels and recommend the optimal height.

What materials work best for sound barrier fencing?

Dense solid wood, concrete, insulated metal, acoustic vinyl, and layered masonry work best to absorb noise vibrations. We select the best materials for your specific needs.

Do sound barrier fences need to be completely solid?

Not necessarily. Strategic gaps and spacing can prevent wind pressure buildup on fences. Acoustic fabric over gaps also allows airflow while reducing noise transmission.

Should I plant vegetation along a sound barrier fence?

Yes, trees and shrubs complement fences by further absorbing noise. Evergreens planted along the barrier work well to diffuse sound year-round.

How long does it take to install a sound barrier fence?

The installation time depends on the length and complexity, but most projects take 1-3 days with proper crew size and site preparation. We schedule installations efficiently with little disruption.

Will a sound barrier fence affect my home’s aesthetics?

Not if properly designed and integrated. We can create beautiful, decorative acoustic fences complementing your landscape and architecture. Function meets form.

How often will a sound barrier fence need maintenance?

We use durable materials that withstand weather and sound vibrations. However, occasional structural and aesthetic upkeep preserves integrity. We offer maintenance services.

Will a tall sound barrier fence feel prison-like?

Not with proper landscaping and design. Strategic grooming, vegetation, and staggered barriers maintain light, views, and aesthetics while reducing noise.

How long do sound barrier fences last?

A well-built acoustic fence averages 15-25 years. Using quality materials, proper installation, and timely repairs maximizes lifespan. We build fences to last decades.


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