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Sports Field Fencing Near San Mateo, CA

Are you looking to install new fencing around your sports field in San Mateo? As a premier fencing company in the Bay Area, our team has the experience and expertise to handle all your sports field fencing needs.

Having the proper fencing around your field is crucial for safety, security, and creating an optimal playing environment.

Our sports field fences are designed to meet all applicable guidelines from sports governing bodies and local regulations. We use only the highest quality materials to ensure durability, resilience, and long-lasting performance.

With over 15 years of experience installing fencing for baseball fields, soccer pitches, football fields, and more, you can trust our team to get the job done right.

We handle small projects like backstops as well as large-scale field perimeter fencing. Our sports field fences come in a variety of styles and designs to match your aesthetic preferences and functional requirements.

When you choose us for your sports field fencing, you get a partner you can rely on from start to finish.

We provide comprehensive site evaluations, expert guidance on materials and design, professional installation, and continued maintenance and repair services.

Our top priority is crafting custom sports field fencing solutions tailored specifically for you.

Process We Follow for Sports Field Fencing

Installing high-quality sports field fencing requires an organized process and attention to detail. Here is an overview of how we handle sports field fencing projects from start to finish:

Site Evaluation and Planning

  • We thoroughly evaluate your field site and terrain to understand any potential challenges or restrictions. This allows us to develop the optimal fencing layout to enclose the full playing area you need.
  • We consult with you to understand your aesthetic preferences, budget, timeline, and any specific sports governing body guidelines you must meet.
  • Detailed site measurements are taken to create a scaled plan view drawing of the proposed fencing layout. This allows you to visualize how the fencing will enclose your field.
  • Any required permits for the project are obtained from local authorities. We handle this permitting process for you.

Material Selection

  • Our team helps you select the ideal fencing materials for your specific needs and preferences. Factors we consider include durability, weather resistance, required wind load capacity, privacy level, and aesthetics.
  • For sports field fencing, common material choices include chain link, ornamental aluminum, PVC vinyl-coated, or wrought iron. Each material has its own advantages.
  • Gates, fences caps, and other accessories are also selected to match your fencing materials and functional needs.

Fence Installation Process

  • Our crew marks the layout of the new fence line and digs holes for the fence posts with professional digging equipment.
  • Fence posts are set in concrete to ensure sturdy, permanent installation. For chain link fences, we often use galvanized steel posts.
  • Rails, cross bars, and mesh fencing materials are assembled and attached section by section according to manufacturer specifications.
  • Gates with heavy-duty hinges are installed to provide convenient access points. We ensure gates open/close smoothly and latch securely.
  • Any required privacy slats or windscreens are attached to chain link fencing. Fence caps are affixed to give a finished look.

Finishing Touches

  • We properly anchor the fence to prevent lifting or shifting and install any required ground sleeves.
  • Once the fence framework is complete, our crew cleans up the entire area and hauls away debris.
  • Lastly, we conduct a thorough final inspection to check that your new sports field fence meets code requirements and your complete satisfaction.

Cost of Sports Field Fencing in San Mateo, CA

Investing in proper sports field fencing is an important consideration for schools, parks, athletic facilities, and professional sports teams. At Fencing San Mateo, our experienced team provides sports field fencing services to fit a wide range of budgets.

The total cost of your sports field fencing project will depend on several factors:

  • Fence Size and Layout – The linear footage needed to enclose your field will impact overall costs. Complex layouts also add expense.
  • Fencing Materials Selected – Basic chain link is the most economical choice. Ornamental aluminum or iron, PVC privacy slats, and windscreens add cost.
  • Terrain and Site Conditions – Heavily sloped sites or areas requiring tree/obstacle removal add labor costs.
  • Accessories – Adding gates, protective awnings, or padding increases project expenses.

Based on the variables above, most standard sports field fencing projects range from $20 – $40 per linear foot installed. For a 200 linear foot fence, expect to invest around $8,000 – $12,000. Large project savings are available.

Great Reasons to Choose Us


With over a decade of experience, our team has the expertise to handle any fencing challenge with ease.


We create customized fences designed specifically for your unique property and needs.

Quality Materials

We source only the highest quality fencing materials to construct durable and long-lasting fences.

Professional Installation

Our experienced installers follow industry best practices to build secure, level, and aesthetically pleasing fences.

Customer Satisfaction

We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction and will not rest until you are thrilled with your new fence.


Our competitive pricing and financing options make quality fencing attainable within different budgets.

FAQs About Sports Field Fencing in San Mateo, CA

What types of fences do you install for sports fields?

Our most popular sports field fence options are chain link, aluminum ornamental, vinyl-coated chain link, and PVC privacy slats. We recommend materials based on your specific needs.

How long does a sports field fencing project take?

Most installs take between 3-5 days depending on size. We schedule projects efficiently to minimize field downtime.

Can you match my field fencing to my school/team colors?

Absolutely. We can powder coat fencing and accessories in any custom color. Vinyl coatings and mesh are additional options.

Do your sports field fences meet safety standards?

Yes, we adhere to all applicable codes and sports body guidelines (NCAA, MLB, etc.) to ensure safety.

How do you handle existing turf and irrigation during installation?

We take precautions to protect turf and utilities. Any repairs needed after installation are our responsibility.

What type of maintenance is required for sports field fencing?

We recommend an annual inspection and tension adjustment on chain link fencing. Other materials are low maintenance.

Can you build a batter’s eye or windscreen for my field?

Definitely. We design and construct custom windscreens and batter’s eyes to meet your exact specifications.

Do you need architectural plans for permitting?

Typically not for chain link fencing. For specialty materials, we can provide any drawings needed for permits.

How long does the permitting process take?

Permitting typically takes 2-4 weeks. We submit paperwork to the city on your behalf and follow up throughout.

What factors impact the cost of sports field fencing?

Major factors are perimeter length, materials, terrain, accessories, permits, and local labor/material costs.


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