Media in San Mateo, California

San Mateo, California is a city in San Mateo County, located in the San Francisco Bay Area. With a population of over 100,000, San Mateo is home to a vibrant local media landscape. This article provides an overview of the major media outlets and organizations based in and serving the San Mateo community.

Print Media

Local Newspapers

The two major local newspapers in San Mateo are:

  • San Mateo Daily Journal – Founded in 1959, the Daily Journal is San Mateo’s newspaper of record. It has a daily circulation of about 15,000 and covers local news, sports, business and more. The Daily Journal is owned by MediaNews Group.
  • The San Mateo Post – Published weekly, The San Mateo Post focuses on community news and events. It has a circulation of around 5,000. The Post is published by San Mateo News Inc.

Some other local and regional print publications that serve San Mateo include:

  • The Almanac – A community newspaper covering San Mateo County news. Published weekly.
  • Palo Alto Daily News – A daily newspaper based in Palo Alto that also covers news in San Mateo and other Peninsula cities.
  • San Francisco Chronicle – The major regional newspaper for the Bay Area. The Chronicle has a section dedicated to news in San Mateo County and the Peninsula.
  • San Francisco Examiner – A daily newspaper distributed throughout the Bay Area, including San Mateo.


Popular magazines based in or serving the San Mateo community include:

  • San Mateo Magazine – Local lifestyle and culture magazine published 6 times per year. Covers dining, arts, business and more in San Mateo.
  • Peninsula Sports Journal – Bi-monthly sports magazine covering high school, college and pro sports on the Peninsula.
  • Silicon Valley Business Journal – Weekly business publication with a section dedicated to San Mateo and Peninsula companies.
  • 94025 – Bimonthly arts and culture magazine serving San Mateo County. Named after the ZIP code for San Mateo.
  • San Francisco Magazine – Monthly regional magazine that covers San Mateo and Peninsula people, culture, dining and events.

Television Stations

The major broadcast TV stations serving San Mateo include:

  • KPIX (CBS) – Channel 5
  • KRON (MyNetworkTV) – Channel 4
  • KGO (ABC) – Channel 7
  • KNTV (NBC) – Channel 11
  • KBCW (The CW) – Channel 44
  • KCNS (Sonlife) – Channel 38
  • KOFY (Ind.) – Channel 20

These stations are based in San Francisco but cover news and events throughout the Bay Area, including San Mateo. KRON 4 and KBCW 44 have news bureaus in San Mateo dedicated to local coverage.

Some other notable TV channels/stations include:

  • Public Access TV – The Peninsula TV Consortium operates public access channels 26 and 27, which feature locally-produced programs.
  • Government access TV – The City of San Mateo broadcasts city meetings and information on Channel 27.
  • Education access TV – Channels 28 and 29 are for education programming from local public schools and colleges.

Radio Stations

San Mateo is home to one radio station – KMKY (1310 AM), a Mandarin-Chinese language station.

Other radio stations that can be heard in San Mateo include:


  • KQED (88.5 FM) – San Francisco
  • KALW (91.7 FM) – San Francisco
  • KDFC (90.3 FM) – San Francisco
  • KCSM (91.1 FM) – San Mateo

Classic Rock

  • KFOG (104.5 FM) – San Francisco
  • KUFX (98.5 FM) – San Jose

Top 40/Pop

  • KMVQ (99.7 FM) – San Francisco
  • KREV (92.7 FM) – Alameda


  • KRTY (95.3 FM) – San Jose


  • KMEL (106.1 FM) – San Francisco
  • KYLD (94.9 FM) – San Francisco

Sports Talk

  • KNBR (680 AM) – San Francisco
  • KTCT (1050 AM) – San Mateo

And many other stations from the wider Bay Area media market.

Online/Digital Media

As a tech-savvy city in Silicon Valley, San Mateo has a thriving online and digital media landscape.

Local News Sites

  • – Local news and information site operated by Patch.
  • – Website of the San Mateo Daily Journal newspaper.
  • – Website of The San Mateo Post community newspaper.
  • – Official city website with news and information about San Mateo.
  • – News site focused on San Mateo County, part of the Bay Area News Group.
  • – Online community news site for San Mateo.

City and Community Sites

  • – Site for the Downtown San Mateo Association.
  • – Official website for the City of San Mateo.
  • – San Mateo Chamber of Commerce site.
  • – Website for the annual San Mateo County Fair.
  • – San Mateo Public Library website.

Arts and Culture Sites

  • – Website for the San Mateo Performing Arts Center.
  • – College of San Mateo Theater Department website.
  • – Site covers downtown San Mateo dining, nightlife, and events.
  • – On-demand video streaming service offered by the San Mateo Public Library.

Visitor and Tourism Sites

  • – Website focused on tourism, attractions and events in San Mateo.
  • – Visitor information portal for San Mateo.
  • – Information on visiting San Mateo County parks.
  • – Website for the San Mateo Central Park Arboretum.

Major Media Companies and Organizations

Some of the major media, communications and technology companies based in or near San Mateo include:

  • Facebook – Social media giant headquartered in Menlo Park and employing thousands in the region.
  • Sony PlayStation – Video game division based in San Mateo.
  • GoPro – Action camera company founded and based in San Mateo.
  • Roku – Video streaming platform, U.S. headquarters in San Jose.
  • NETGEAR – Consumer tech company headquartered in San Jose.
  • Bigpoint Games – Casual gaming company based in Redwood City.
  • eBay – Global e-commerce company headquartered in San Jose.
  • Anthropic – AI startup based in San Francisco.
  • YouTube – Video platform owned by Google, large office in San Bruno.
  • NFL Media – Digital media division of the NFL located in Redwood City.
  • Shutterfly – Photo sharing and personalized products company based in Redwood City.

This thriving tech sector provides jobs for many San Mateo residents and influences the local media and innovation landscape.

Media Regulations and Trends

Media in San Mateo is impacted by national and statewide policies and regulations. Some key laws and regulatory bodies include:

  • Federal Communications Commission (FCC) – Regulates interstate communications by radio, TV, wire, satellite and cable. Issues broadcasting licenses to stations.
  • California Public Utilities Commission – Oversees video franchises and cable TV providers in California, like Comcast.
  • The Communications Act – Federal law regulating interstate communications. Updated by the Telecommunications Act of 1996.
  • Children’s Television Act – Requires TV stations to provide educational and informational programming for children.

Some recent trends in San Mateo media include:

  • Shift from print to online news consumption.
  • Rise of streaming and on-demand video services like Netflix, Hulu and YouTube.
  • Growth of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and TikTok for discovering and sharing news.
  • Consolidation of regional news media, with papers like the San Mateo Times being integrated into the Bay Area News Group.
  • Decline of local TV news viewership and shift towards 24 hour cable news like CNN.
  • Increase in citizen, social and interactive media produced by local residents.

Major Events Covered by San Mateo Media

As a hub on the San Francisco Peninsula, San Mateo media has covered many major local and regional events over the years. Some notable examples include:

  • 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake – This major quake was centered in the Santa Cruz Mountains but caused significant damage throughout San Mateo County. Local media provided extensive coverage of the devastation, rescue efforts, and rebuilding process.
  • 1998 San Mateo Bridge Closure – A tank truck explosion caused a fiery crash that closed the bridge connecting Hayward to Foster City for nearly a month in 1998. Media kept the public updated on repairs and traffic impacts.
  • Rollout of BART service – The extension of the Bay Area Rapid Transit system to Millbrae and San Francisco International Airport improved connectivity for San Mateo County residents. Media chronicled the economic benefits.
  • YouTube Headquarters Opening (2005) – YouTube establishing its headquarters in San Bruno was a major development covered extensively in local media. The video platform has become one of the area’s largest employers.
  • America’s Cup Yacht Races – Media reported on San Francisco hosting the prestigious America’s Cup sailing competition in 2013, with events taking place along the San Mateo waterfront.
  • NBA Golden State Warriors Move to San Francisco (2019) – When the Warriors NBA team moved from Oakland to the new Chase Center in San Francisco, San Mateo media analyzed the impact on sports fans and businesses in the county.
  • COVID-19 Pandemic (2020-present) – San Mateo news outlets have provided in-depth, ongoing coverage of the coronavirus pandemic, including local health measures, economic fallout, school policies and more.

Higher Education Journalism Programs

There are several colleges and universities in and around San Mateo that offer journalism degrees, training reporters and influencers who contribute to the local media landscape.

San Francisco State University – Offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Journalism with focuses on reporting, broadcasting, photojournalism and multimedia.

UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism – Prestigious J-School offering Master’s of Journalism as well as shorter certificates and summer programs.

Foothill College – Nearby community college providing associates degrees and certificates in journalism, mass communication and video production.

College of San Mateo – Local community college which offers an introductory Journalism course focusing on news writing and media literacy skills.

Stanford University – Renowned private university providing world-class journalism education, though no specific undergrad journalism degree program.

These higher education institutions help cultivate San Mateo’s next generation of talented journalists across print, broadcast and digital media.


San Mateo has a rich media landscape spanning print, broadcast, online and mobile platforms. Local newspapers like the San Mateo Daily Journal and San Mateo Post provide in-depth coverage of community news.

Television stations based in San Francisco have local bureaus dedicated to Peninsula news. Popular magazines like San Mateo Magazine showcase arts and culture, while websites like SanMateoPatch report on breaking news.

With major tech companies also driving innovation and employment, San Mateo’s media organizations inform and connect this thriving Bay Area community.













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